IOV provides a universal protocol for blockchains and wallet users.

"We believe in a world where anyone can create their own blockchain and integrate it into a global ecosystem."

How does IOV work?

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Blockchain Name Service.
The first DNS for blockchains.

IOV builds the first decentralized DNS for blockchains. It is the backbone of the Internet of Values. The Blockchain Name Service (BNS) lists all active blockchains, their respective tokens and the IP addresses of their bootstrap nodes.

A Blockchain Communication Protocol.

By implementing the Blockchain Communication Protocol (BCP), IOV Wallet is becoming the first wallet to be able to send, receive and exchange any kind of cryptocurrency from a single address of value.

Right now, for each blockchain, the end-user needs to have a different wallet. IOV is building the first revolutionary wallet which can access all tokens of a user.

A human address to avoid human error.

In order to solve the problem of the human error, such as sending a bitcoin to a wrong address, it would be allowed one single address for all coins for the end-user.

  • Instead of having an address like this: 0x5adc961d6ac3f7062d2ea45fef44b191
  • IOV provides one like this: john*iov.value

An atomic cross standard to make blockchains interoperable.

Thanks to the Blockchain Communication Protocol and the IOV deployment tools, blockchain creators will have the ability to make their blockchain interoperable and to exchange tokens without the need to go into an exchange.


Development of the IOV System is progressing on track.

  • Q2 2018 POC1

    BCP released.

    IOV Wallet V1.

  • Q3 2018 POC2

    BNS V1.

    IOV Wallet V2.

    Testnet with several blockchains implementing BCP.

  • Q4 2018 Version 1 Released

    BNS V2.

    IOV Wallet V3.

    Deployment Tools to deploy a blockchain implementing BCP.


  • Isabella Dell

    Influential leader in the blockchain industry. Former Chief System Architect, first technical employee at LISK.

  • Karim Ganem

    Award winning entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. Published author and Philanthropist.                 

  • Antoine Herzog

    Award winner in the blockchain industry. Patent inventor. Open source contributor and creator of Music composer.

  • Ethan Frey

    Lead Developer.
    Polyglot software developer. Years of experience building backend systems for web applications in a variety of languages. Previously 3rd engineer at Cosmos building the light client, SDK, and refining the IBC protocol.

  • Benjamin Simatos

    Chief Strategy Officer.
    10 years of international experience from Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. Financial engineer and Economist. Winner of a round-the-world sailing race.

  • Daria Samoylova

    Communication strategist.
    Vast international experience in disruptive tech solutions for social impact and sustainability. Contemporary art curator and a volunteer.            

IOV Token: The fuel of the Blockchain Name Service.

The IOV Token is needed to interact with the Blockchain Name Service. To register or update the token definition of a blockchain, the user needs to send a transaction on the Blockchain Name Service with fees paid in IOV Token. The IOV Token is also the staking token of the Blockchain Name Service.

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IOV wins runner up at the Techcrunch Startup Battlefield Europe Finals

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Token sale information

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For complete information, you can check the FAQ and please refer to the Token Sale White Paper

  • Round 0: Pre-Sale
    Price for 1 IOV Token
  • Round 0: Pre-Sale Open only to advisors, partners and special investors (by invitation only). Closed
    Price for 1 IOV Token 0.08 [EUR]
    Period Q2 2018
  • Round 1: Pre-Sale
    Open only to qualified investors (by invitation only). Opening soon
    Price for 1 IOV Token 0.09 [EUR]
    Period Q3 2018
  • Round 2: Public Sale
    Open to everyone (restrictions may apply - see white paper)
    Price for 1 IOV Token 0.10 [EUR]
    Period Q3 2018
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